You will always find a child, if not a whole class of children, that when asked what they want to be when they grow up, they will tell you: “I want to be a doctor!” To be a doctor is or has at least been the dream of most young hearts. Not only is this a prestigious career; it is also one of the most satisfying and honorable ones. It is a beam of hope for those who want to keep cherishing their life and the lives of their loved ones. To be able to hold the life of a person in your hands and having the ability to save it – this is what RETINA would like to offer you.

Welcome to the leading medical & dental admission coaching of the country-RETINA. RETINA is your gateway to opportunities to become one of the most admired humanitarian members of the society. The garden of RETINA is established on the basis of honesty, responsibility and cordiality to make ease your way to success. According to the statistics of the last few years, the number of eligible candidates for the admission test is 15-20 times greater than the seat capacity, so only 5-6% students have an honor to touch the peak of. Moreover from 2010, a new system of admission to the medical field was introduced; the admission exam was to be the same for both government & private medical college. The same rule now applies for admission to the dental field as well. As a whole, enrolling in medical or dental college is going graver for the students if they do not get the proper guidelines. In this respect, RETINA is performing a great job to make its students fit for medical admission test. RETINA prepared a complete set up for making the students competent and proficient to face the blow of the medical college admission test and to be a successful person in life.

So welcome to the world of RETINA, welcome to its family. Being a part of RETINA means being a part of history.

RETINA Medical & Dental Admission Coaching is the most prominent branch of “RETINA Education Development Foundation” (Govt reg no: S-5829(73)/06). Its glorious journey started on 1978, when it published a guide for the medical admission examinee to give them an outline of the new MCQ-based exam. The RETINA guide got approbation from both students and guardians. The price of a copy of the guide was only taka 10. These initial steps were taken by a group of students of Chittagong Medical College. Institutional coaching itself started its walk on 1980 at Shahbag, Dhaka, in a small room as a student welfare service. This was the first ever college admission aid in the medical sector and students received a huge help from this to score successfully in their admission exams. From then on, RETINA started its march of success in medical admission, and it hasn’t yet stepped away even a little bit from its motto.

  • Three classes and three class tests per week and tutorial exams every Friday.
  • A total 75 exams with 300 sets of high-standard question papers, all comprising over 18 thousands of questions.
  • Distinctive evaluation of exam sheets by OMR machine.
  • Paper final, Subject final & Model tests with high-standard questions similar to that of Medical Admission Test.
  • “Central Merit Lists” are given to the students, aiding them in evaluating their position among 18 countrywide branches of Retina.
  • Exam results are sent to the students by SMS on the respective days and are also published in the Website.
  • RETINA offers the best quality lectures by the dynamic students of government medical colleges.
  • A group of very qualified directors of RETINA will supervise the daily results of students to ensure proper guidelines and direction.

“Great achievements do not amaze us,
Nor do we lose ourselves pursuing self-satisfaction.
Rather we weave new dreams.
And uncover the horizons of infinity.”

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